On The Go Jo Coffee is a specialty coffee cart operating in the Chicagoland area servicing Chicago natives for weddings, events, corporate gatherings and everything in between. This company was started by 3 friends from Chicago aiming to carve a bigger space for females within the coffee industry while empowering women from every aspect of the process of bringing specialty coffee to cups all around the world. Building off the success of their mobile coffee cart, they have now launched a retail coffee line. Bringing their female produced and roasted coffees from around the world to the retail space along with their hand crafted simple syrups and delectable teas for all consumers via e-commerce. I was tasked to design packaging for the coffee line that embraced women empowerment, all the while displaying a high end look and feel that would set OTGJ apart from current coffee companies on the shelves today. I also designed the tea and simple syrup packaging that represents a diverse, yet unified brand for this incredible company.

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